The covid19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our interconnected world – from the importance of our local communities to global trade, insecure jobs and our natural environment.

The Royal College of Art, in association with the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise, and with the support of partners in public, private and civil society, would like your help to understand your philosophy, feelings and knowledge about the future, with a particular focus on rural communities and transport as well as your business.

The project is looking for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are working in, and with, rural communities in Northumberland and the Tyne Valley.

The project will last 5 months (from July to December 2021) and will be creative but not too onerous. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and take part in two online workshops (one in august and one in october) so that the RCA can listen to your perspectives, share knowledge and develop creative responses to the future together.

If this sounds like you, please follow this link, to learn more about the project and sign up as a participant. RCA will then get in touch with you soon with follow up dates and activities. 


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